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Promo Car Care

Promo Car Care (PCC) ventured into the Car Wash Industry in 2013 in response to a specific request for a disposable wipe from a large car wash chain. This gave birth to our extremely popular Dashwipe. Check out the video to the right to hear from Bill where this all started. Since then, we’ve grown PCC’s offering with a singular focus, understanding the needs of our car wash clients and their patrons; low cost promotional items that have high brand value and high customer impact.

Even though PCC is new to the Car Wash Industry, PCC is a division of Petra Hygienic Systems which was founded 30+ years ago. With the scale and resources of Petra powering PCC, we were able to create meaningful solutions specifically tailored for the car wash industry. This is also meaningful to our customers because you get to leverage our multiple distribution centers across North America and our customer support on both the east and west coast. Meaning we’re open longer to service your requests and your products are never far away.


Benefits Of Our Products



High Impact

Items that have high brand value and increase the perceived value of your company.

Low Cost

Items that won’t break the bank and are appropriate for give-aways or impulse purchases.

Car Wash Specific

Our products are specific for the car wash industry.

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